The Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards and Summit: Hear from our Advocates - Elisabetta Romano

The Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards and Summit: Hear from our Advocates - Elisabetta Romano

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TIM's chief technology innovation officer, Elisabetta Romano, speaks to capacity about why she's decided to become an advocate for the Global Women in Telco and Tech Awards and Summit, and why women in high places is so important.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a woman in the telco/tech industry but more importantly how did you overcome them?

The challenge is related to the few females working in the telco sector, which makes this a male-dominated industry and culture. Personally, the environment in which I grew up has allowed me to develop as an individual who is confident of her skills and capabilities. This confidence has helped me during my whole career.

What did you learn from those experiences and how did it shape your career moving forward?

Well, I have had the opportunity to do exactly what I loved to do working in the telco industry, and this is a great start. In addition, experience taught me a few smart tricks – one for all, that communicating is just as important as doing. Keeping in mind that we are allowed to make mistakes and that we cannot always be perfect – still, we try to get as close as possible!  I do not try to copy men’s behaviour, authenticity is much better than fake.

As you are now in senior position yourself, how do you help the next cohort of young women as they progress in their careers?

I think it is very important to coach the generations coming next. I use every occasion I have to do this and to support them as much as possible.

What do you think needs to happen in your industry to bridge the gender gap or do you think enough is already being done?

It is crucial to have more women in leadership positions, as this would help to create role models and will enable the right sensitivity in supporting women.

What single piece of advice would you give a young woman, who wants to do what you have done and reach the top of their career?

Be confident, communicate and enjoy!

What inspired you to become a Women in and Telco Tech advocate? What was it about this particular initiative that resonated with you?

Any initiative that can help other women to lean in, grow confidence, and succeed - I am in!

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