The Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards and Summit: Hear from our Advocates - Alla Goldner

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Ahead of the Global Women in Telco & Tech Summit and Awards, Capacity speaks to Advocate Alla Goldner, director of technology, strategy & standardisation, Amdocs, about her experience of a women in the telecoms sector and why she's chosen to support this cause.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a women in the telco/tech industry but more importantly how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges I faced in the early stages of my career was the lack of women in executive management and as mentors.

When I started to work at Amdocs, and was accepted onto its “High Potential” program, I had to specifically request that one of the General Managers become my coach.

What did you learn from those experiences and how did it shape your career moving forward?

I learned that unfortunately, things have to be done under the rules men have put in place, that doesn't take into account the needs of women. E.g. working hours, time commitments, business travel etc. 

As you are now in senior position yourself, how do you help the next cohort of young women as they progress in their careers?

I coach them as best as I can. I let them know that a career in our industry can be VERY interesting. But I also let them know that they need to be very flexible to in order to adapt.

What do you think needs to happen in your industry to bridge the gender gap or do you think enough is already being done?

Affirmative action! I strongly believe that unless we want this process to take dozens of years,this is something that needs to be pushed at each leadership level, especially at executive levels.

What single piece of advice would you give a young woman, who wants to do what you have done and reach the top of their career?

Go for it! But don’t forget to have a family or maybe even children, if that's what you want - don’t give up on this piece of your life. I myself managed to have both.

What inspired you to become a Women in and Telco Tech advocate? What was it about this particular initiative that resonated with you?

I always LOVE to speak about women's position in our industry and how to improve it. I strongly believe this inspires younger colleagues. 

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