5 public speaking secrets to boost your confidence
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5 public speaking secrets to boost your confidence

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From having tricky conversations with your team to delivering keynotes, these tips from CEO, Mimi Nicklin will sharpen up your skills to master public speaking.

Whether you’re on-stage in-front of thousands or preparing to pitch your new idea in a meeting with your boss, speaking in front of an audience can be both an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. It is a skill that needs to be refined and practiced, as there are very few people that can simply switch into presenter-mode without mastering the art of public-speaking and confidence. Mimi Nicklin CEO, keynote speaker and best-selling author reveals how to master public speaking.

As someone who regularly speaks at conferences and in front of teams of all sizes, I have five tips that never fail to boost my confidence and step into the spotlight with as much grace and authenticity as we can prepare for. These simple steps will help you master the art of delivering content authentically and clearly.)

Shift your mindset from self-doubt to self-appreciation and embrace the opportunity to share your expertise

1. Never underestimate the time it takes to prepare

Take the time, and make the time, to thoroughly prepare your content, know it inside out, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. None of the other tips below will matter if you don't know your material. Fundamentally the more the content becomes second nature to you, the more confident and at ease you'll feel when the lights come on and you start speaking.

2. Trust yourself to be yourself

Audiences love real people. They want to see and hear your unique energy and approach, not something they could have found on YouTube. So, you have to trust yourself to be yourself. Share personal stories and insights, and aim to create a genuine, real time, connection through eye contact and natural pauses.

3. Visualize Success

Before you start, close your eyes and imagine yourself delivering the powerful, impactful presentation that you dream of. Top athletes use this to win at the Olympics so it can certainly work for you. Visualise yourself engaging the audience, embodying confidence, and receiving applause. The very act of doing this exercise a few times before you walk on stage will help boost your self-belief and set you up for success.

4.      Breathe!

It sounds simple, but don’t forget to breathe! Deep breaths can be really powerful anchors of calm amidst the storm of nerves. This is scientifically proven to calm your nervous system and lower your heart rate. Before stepping on stage, take a few moments to inhale deeply, and exhale any tension. It works, trust me!

5.      Believe in the Best

Your audience wants you to succeed. They are eager to learn from you, to be inspired, and to connect with your message. They want you to be excellent. Shift your mindset from self-doubt to self-appreciation and embrace the opportunity to share your expertise, allowing this positive mindset to fuel your confidence and passion.

Mimi Nicklin is an empathy expert, CEO, keynote speaker, host of The Mimi YouYou podcast, and best-selling author of Softening the Edge. Follow her on social media at @miminicklin. For more information visit www.empathyeverywhere.co