Affirmed Networks launches UnityCloud 5G solution

Affirmed Networks launches UnityCloud 5G solution

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Affirmed Networks has launched the Affirmed UnityCloud, a websacle, cloud-native 5G solution that enables mobile operators to converge multiple networks into one unified network.

At present, the UnityCloud solution is involved in trials with a number of Tier 1 global operators that are building 5G Standalone networks.

"A telecom transformation is underway. A new generation of networks is being built to connect 50+ billion devices, creating a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity," said Hassan Ahmed, chairman and CEO of Affirmed Networks. "Affirmed is at the forefront of this transformation leading the telecom industry by delivering on the promise of a new webscale, cloud-native services network.

The offering converges any G, which includes 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, as well as wireline core on to one unified core removing the need for operators to maintain parallel legacy networks dedicated to just one service.

“Working with the world's top operators, we have gained the deployment and technical expertise required to develop solutions that will help their journey to 5G, from any starting point. In delivering Affirmed UnityCloud, we are enabling operators to aggressively capitalise on the opportunity to serve new markets and win the race to revenues," added Ahmed.

In addition, UnityCloud allows operators to develop and deploy new consumer, enterprise and IoT in a matter of weeks instead of months enabling them to quickly respond to changing market demands. Also, UnityCloud's microservice architecture enables automated fine-grained slicing so the solution can be tailored to the service.

Additionally, operators build once and deploy services anywhere in the network - from the core to edge and on any public, private or hybrid cloud. Services that are latency or bandwidth sensitive can be hosted closer to the customer to minimise latency. Alternatively, services can be delivered from the public cloud allowing operators to deploy mission-critical services on enterprise premise or in their core.

Earlier this year, Affirmed Networks partnered Turkcell to launch a 1.8Tbps virtualised mobile networks in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

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