Ooredoo Oman teams up with Akamai to enhance mobile and fixed security


Ooredoo Oman has partnered with Akamai to offer upgraded levels of online protection over mobile and fixed networks.

The advanced network-based solution will further enhance security by blocking access to unsafe sites, in addition to protect against malicious, phishing and ransomware attacks. The list of dangerous sites will be permanently updated via unique cybersecurity techniques to counter the new generation of internet threats.

“In the digital world we live in today, protecting customers from cyberattacks is a responsibility we do not take lightly,” said Feras bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, director of consumer sales at Ooredoo.

“With consistently evolving threats, we always work to ensure that our Supernet network is not only secure but upgraded with the latest technology so that we can continue to provide a positive online experience for our customers and their families.”

All devices, whether smartphones, PCs, Macs and even gaming stations, will be protected against internet threats such as malware, botnets, spyware, phishing and ransomware without any action required from customers. But despite all these security measures, users remain a weak link in the security chain and may still be exposed to attacks that are not be visible, such as local transfer of infected files via a USB key.

Ooredoo Oman says that over the coming months it is looking heavily at customised cybersecurity services through a dashboard to manage protection against internet threats at device level.