BICS unveils new IoT connectivity service with AWS

Mikael Schachne 2018.jpg

BICS has announced a new internet of things application built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that automatically on-boards devices no matter where they are in the world.

The solution, which will be officially launched at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona next week, will combine BICS’ worldwide multi-network cellular coverage solution with a module from CESANTA, an IoT vendor, to allow AWS customers to expand their IoT footprint to over 200 countries.

The global IoT market continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the number of connected devices forecast to reach 75.4 billion by 2025, according to HIS Markit.

The BICS solution aims to enable IoT devise using the carrier’s SIM for Things multi-network support and roaming technology to seamlessly provision AWS IoT. This means IoT products that are likely to be used while roaming, such as connected vehicles, can be remotely provisioned and managed throughout the world.

The combination of SIM for Things and VCON provides a secure, ready-to-go AWS connectivity and provisioning solution, enabling data reporting, remote device control, and device software updates that optimise brand protection, BICS said.

"This is a huge step forward for cellular IoT. With faster time to market and lower development costs, AWS IoT customers who choose BICS’ SIM for Things and CESANTA VCON can guarantee true global connectivity for their products and solutions. Cellular IoT solutions can be deployed far more quickly than was previously possible, meaning business owners and stakeholders will also be quicker to enjoy the return on IoT investments,” said Mikaël Schachne, VP Mobility and IoT Business at BICS.

BICS partnered with CESANTA, a company which focuses on developing and distributing software and hardware for connected products, to simplify the process for companies seeking to integrate cellular reach with AWS.

The offering leverages CESANTA’s VCON cellular connectivity module with the aim of accelerating the time-to-market of IoT propositions. The solution will be sold as an off-the-shelf connectivity product and leverages AWS IoT.

"BICS’ SIM for Things and CESANTA VCON provide a ready-to-go secure AWS connectivity and provisioning solution. Data reporting, remote device control, and fail-safe device software update that guarantee brand protection, are delivered out-of-the-box” said CESANTA CEO Anatoly Lebedev.