France-IX and Acorus Networks partner on cybersecurity

France-IX and Acorus Networks partner on cybersecurity

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France-IX and Acorus Networks, a cybersecurity specialist, have partnered to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions.

As part of the agreement, Acorus Networks will join the France-IX Marketplace giving members of the France-IX peering community access to Acorus Networks security solutions, which doesn’t require the installation of hardware on premise.

“We are pleased to welcome to our Marketplace, both Acorus Networks and its co-founder, Raphaël Maunier, especially as he was a founder-member of France-IX when he was CTO of Neo Telecoms. Now members can optimize their peering connection with competitively priced, advanced anti-DDoS solutions, efficiently accessed via their peering connection, which is a valuable addition to the range of services currently available,” said Franck Simon, president of France IX Services. “We are also delighted that Acorus Networks is joining the leading Internet networks who have chosen to increase their France-IX peering capacity via 100Gbps ports, which has become the new interface for large-scale IP networks in recent years.”

Acorus Networks will offer three complementary services in roughly 1-2 business days, directly from its France-IX Marketplace 100Gbps port to any peering member’s France-IX port via rapid VLAN provisioning. The services include:

  • An advanced and intelligent DDoS mitigation service to protect legitimate networks and application traffic.

  • A high-quality IP Transit service (from 100Mbps to 100Gbps), protected by access lists on IP prefixes, protocols, ports and customer authorisation via a command portal and APIs to counter part of standard volumetric DDoS attacks;

  • DDoS protection specifically for http/https Web sites, which detects and filters multi-vectors and volumetric DDoS attacks, including those targeting cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

“With an average of 3,700 DDoS attacks per day recorded in 2016 and more than $455 billion in damage to the economy in 2017, cyberattacks are becoming ever more frequent and costly. All businesses and organizations, whatever their size and location, should expect to be targeted and cannot be complacent. Our mission is to deploy our full stack of DDoS mitigation solutions to protect them against ever more sophisticated attacks and we are happy to be able to offer our services to France-IX members via its Marketplace,” said Olivier Melwig, managing director at Acorus Networks.

Additionally, Acorus Networks has boosted its peering capacity by upgrading its existing peering service at France-IX Paris from a 10G to a 100G port, resulting in increased performance benefits to its customers.

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