DIDWW launches new SIP trunking solution

DIDWW launches new SIP trunking solution

DIDWW, the virtual numbers specialist, has expanded its range of services with the launch of a new Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking solution.

The new offering allows providers of Internet-based telephony networks to enable local outbound calling for their customers.

Commenting on the new solution, Lina Zaboras, CEO of DIDWW, said: “Our goal is to create simple access to our directly interconnected, rock-solid global partner network. We’ve worked closely with the carrier community to create a premium quality local dialing solution that fully satisfies and even exceeds the requirements of our customers.”

DIDWWis SIP trunking solution is completely scalable, delivering unlimited concurrent call capacity, thus making it easy for enterprises to provide outbound callers with access to the traditional telephone networks which include calling to local, mobile, toll-free, short and emergency numbers across 26 locations.

The company says it has partnered with a range of incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) to ensure VoIP quality, as well as ultra-high availability and rock-solid reliability. As a result DIDWW customers will now have access to a flexible outbound trunk architecture that allows them to support multiple and diverse clients, each with their own custom trunk configuration profile. In addition, they are able to select the caller ID displayed to call recipients including local, mobile and toll-free numbers.

Other features of the SIP trunking solution include a fully customisable dialplan and routing rules that can be applied on a per-trunk basis, enforcing destination restrictions and processing re-route SIP codes for certain types of calls, like  those made to international or premium numbers. 

The offering also has monitoring tools, and CDRs are generated on a per-trunk basis. In terms of security DIDWW has a proactive fraud monitoring platform that provides alerts to customers regarding potentially suspicious calling activities.

Back in October DIDWW added cloud-based services for its enterprises customers, once again broadening its service offerings. At the time the company said its private global network is designed to support billions of minutes per day and its web-based management portal allows customers to purchase, configure and efficiently maintain the communication services in the cloud.

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