Google Station rolls out free Wifi services in Mexico

Google Station rolls out free Wifi services in Mexico

Google Station, the Google-enabled public Wifi platform, has entered into Latin America by being deployed into Mexico.

The high-speed public Wifi platform from Google gives its partners an easy set of tools to roll out Wifi hotspots in public places.

Mexico is the third largest internet penetration country in Latin America and most of its citizens access the internet through their mobile. Bu despite the fact that data plans have become even more affordable than ever before, people still look for ways to use the internet without using up their data.

Google is partnering with ISP Sitwifi to convert existing the existing hotspots.  As of now Google Station is available in 60+ high-traffic venues across Mexico City and nationwide, including airports, shopping malls and public transit stations.

Mexico is one of only three countries where Google station is deployed, the service was first rolled out in India, followed by Indonesia. Google says that it plans to to reach 100+ locations in Mexico before the end of the year.

Earlier this year Google partnered with Telefónica, Facebook and Microsoft to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-based service for consumers across six countries. The service, called Aura, will be available in three countries in Latin American – Argentina, Brazil and Chile – and three in Europe – Germany, Spain and the UK.

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