Mexico's IFT approves Altan Redes 4G wholesale offer

Mexico's IFT approves Altan Redes 4G wholesale offer

The Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexico (IFT) has approved an amended reference offer from Altan Redes over its 4G wholesale network Red Compartida project.

The Altan Redes consortium had been forced by the IFT to amend the wholesale reference offer it made back in December in order to comply with the current regulatory framework. This was to make sure it “gives certainty about the terms and conditions under which wholesale telecommunications services are porivded.”

The purpose of the offer is to establish the terms, conditions, rates, technical standards, specifications and quality levels of the services which will be provided by Altan on its shared 4G wholesale network. 

Altan signed a public private-partnership agreement with the government of Mexico in January of last year after a rival bid was excluded. The network, called Red Compartida, is due to start operation on 31 March.

IFT said it must be notified of any agreements signed with wholesale customers within 30 working days of their execution as part of the new terms agreed with Altan Redes.

The project is one of the biggest telecoms projects in the history of the country and will cover 92.2% of Mexico’s population. It has a so far seen a total of 2,500 towers built and reached 36 of the country’s leading tourist destinations and 7.8 million people in towns of less than 10,000.

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