ZTE releases its RCS MaaP 2.0 solution

ZTE releases its RCS MaaP 2.0 solution

ZTE has unveiled its RCS Messaging-as-a-Platform (Maap) 2.0 solution and displayed end-to-end services to help operators foster a new ecosystem in the AI industry.

The new solution was released during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 and MaaP is a core function in RCS UP 2.0 specifications. It is the next- gen A2P message opening platform for global mobile operators. In addition, it integrates the message transmission function of RCS into Chatbot, Plug-in, and AI services to provide richer service experiences for consumers, and will act as the business entry into the A2P sector for operators. 

During ZTE’s MWC showcase the company demonstrated its MaaP-based O2O food ordering services which is integrated AI with Chatbot. Through it, consumers can easily order and deliver food using the boot menu and enabling 24-hour customer services. Until the functionally is available for release, ZTE will provide customised service templates and HTML5 development tools for third-party service providers to help them develop and deploy their services rapidly.

ZTE MaaP 2.0 solution aims to provide global and standardised next-gen message capabilities, enabling third-party service providers to serve global customers via a single access point. Also the MaaP-based Chatbot has applications to numerous industry verticals. With improvements to its AI solution, Chatbot can be applied to banking, airline, railway, ground transportation and the restaurant industry.

Additionally, while at MWC ZTE showcased its RCS-based multi-ID service and smart home solution. The multi-ID service can support switching between multiple numbers to protect users’ privacy, to promote users’ communication experience and to help operators increase their revenues. The solution can also provide multi-party video communication services. With up to 1080p definition.

InfoBip recently announced that it is launching Rich Communication Services to enterprises in partnership with Vodafone. It forms part of the GSMA RCS initiative, which offers global enterprises the opportunity to upgrade its business-to-consumer (B2C) communications, build customer engagement, increase app downloads and improve the overall customer experience beyond the traditional B2C SMS campaign.

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