GPX and Extreme IX team to deploy IX in Mumbai facility

GPX and Extreme IX team to deploy IX in Mumbai facility

GPX Global Systems has partnered with Indian data centre and carrier neutral private internet exchange operator Extreme IX.

The partnership will see Extreme IX serve as an independent and neutral peering platform from GPX’s Mumbai TierIV carrier neutral facility.

Extreme IX runs internet exchanges in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. It will offer enhanced interconnection services for GPX’s Indian customer base, which includes telecoms operators, internet service providers, and internet content providers.

The partnership means content providers and eyeball networks connected to the exchange will be able to exchange internet traffic while benefitting from reduced latency and costs, GPX claims.

Manoj Paul, MD, GPX India, said, "GPX’s Mumbai Datacenter is the most interconnected data centre in India with the largest number of telecom service providers, ISPs, and is also the hub for all major content providers. We evaluated the market and determined that Extreme IX was the only carrier and data centre neutral private IX in India, and we are happy to collaborate with them. 

The addition of Extreme’s Internet Exchange platform allows our customers, mainly the ISPs and content providers, to enhance their connectivity, reduce costs, introduce new products, and increase the level of their customers experience and satisfaction.”

The exchange is due to be operational later this month. GPX said Extreme IX has played a significant role in enabling peering in India since launching in 2009.

Raunak Maheshwari, Director of Extreme IX, said, “Carrier neutral, data centre neutral and settlement free internet exchange points is important for the overall ecosystem of the Internet. Neutral exchanges benefit not only the ISPs and content providers but also the indirect participants and finally the end users as their internet experience is enhanced multifold. The EIX - GPX partnership is a big step in this direction as it will provide access to ISP customers and content providers in GPX to participate in this fabric.”

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