Globecomm agrees MoU with LeoSat

Globecomm agrees MoU with LeoSat

Globecomm has struck a memorandum of understanding with LeoSat Enterprises to explore a potential service agreement to expand its existing network capabilities.

LeoSat, which is set to launch up to 108 low-earth orbit communication satellites, will provide what is in effect an optical backbone from space, it claims.

The MoU with Globecomm, which provides connectivity for the enterprise, oil and gas, maritime, and government markets globally, will look at how LeoSat can potentially expand and future proof its network.

Globecomm chief commercial officer Bryan McGuirk said: “We strongly believe in offering the smartest connectivity solutions to our customers, and with capabilities beyond satellite and fibre, LeoSat represents the next generation of high-performance communications networks.”

LeoSat claims its constellation of low orbit satellites will be able to offer “fibre-like symmetry” at gigabit per second speeds, giving faster connectivity solutions in remote areas and harsh environments not suitable for traditional terrestrial connectivity solutions.

LeoSat is partnered with Thales Alenia Space to develop a manufacturing plan for its constellation of Ka-band satellites, which are expected to launch in 2019. They are expected to be interconnected through laser links which will help LeoSat run an optical backbone 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fibre backbones, it claims.

Ronald van der Breggen, LeoSat’s chief commercial officer, said: “We are delighted that Globecomm, a trusted provider of robust connectivity for mission-critical communications, is considering LeoSat to expand and future-proof its infrastructure. 

“Clearly we’re very excited about this sign of confidence: By combining high speed and high throughput with low latency, high security and global availability, LeoSat’s constellation is well on its way to becoming a game-changer for business connectivity.”

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