Seaborn Networks unveils SeaSpeed Tier 1

Seaborn Networks unveils SeaSpeed Tier 1

Seaborn Networks has announced that it has delivered SeaSpeed Tier 1 on its Seabras-1 submarine cable network.

SeaSpeed Tier 1 is the lowest latency route between New Jersey and São Paulo, with a measured latency of 105.05ms RTD (round-trip delay time) between the exchange data centres. It is a direct exchange-to-exchange service with no intermediate drops allowed at the cable landing stations.

Additionally, Seaborn also delivered its SeaSpeed Tier 2 (fka Carrier Class) from New Jersey to São Paulo with a measured latency of 106.54ms RTD between the exchange centres. In comparison to SeaSpeed Tier 1, Tier 2 is a lower cost method for financial trading firms to get on the newest, most direct route between the two points.

Seaborn manages all six of the fibre pairs of Seabras-1 through the use of its own 24x7 network operations center (NOC) which is manned by Seaborn employees. It also has its own disaster recovery NOC, along with control of its cable landing station in Praia Grande (Brazil) and underlying ownership of all six fibre pairs on Seabras-1.

Whether or not customers choose to use Seaborn’s SeaSpeed or other wholesale offerings, both benefit from the following features:

SeaSpeed Tiers 1 and 2 are only available from Seaborn through its exclusive channel partner - Spread Networks, to financial industry customers, are not permitted to be resold or swapped to third parties, and both include industry-leading latency service level agreements (SLAs).

All Seaborn non-financial customers, including carriers, OTTs, ISPs and resellers, have Seabras-1’s wholesale service, which is also managed by Seaborn. Offering a lower latency than competing submarine cables between NJ/NY and São Paulo and also offers wide range of on-net POP locations to choose from in the US and Brazil.

With more than $520 million invested in Seabras-1, it’s the first-ever submarine cable project designed from the ground up to offer the fastest path between the largest exchanges of North America and South America.

Back in September, Seaborn launched the 72Tbs Seabras-1 subsea cable as ready for operations. Prior to that the company confirmed that the final slice for the 6-fibre pair submarine cable was completed in July of this year.

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