NTT Com builds 7MW data centre in Germany

NTT Com builds 7MW data centre in Germany

NTT Com is adding a 2,700 square metre, 7MW data centre in Bonn in western Germany.

Rhein-Ruhr 1, which will be operated by NTT Com’s subsidiary E-shelter, will mainly serve customers from the public sector, said the company.

Rupprecht Rittweger, founder and CEO of E-shelter CEO, hinted that Germany’s and the European Union’s laws on data privacy were important to the decision to build the new data centre. “Data centres will be even more important in the future. They are a foundation for digital sovereignty in our country,” he said.

E-shelter has 300 MW of power capacity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but has access to NTT Com’s 140 data centres in Europe, the US and Asia.

“At first sight, you may perceive just a building fulfilling its purpose as a data centre,” said Rittweger. “But the conceptual design of our data centres goes much further.”

Rhein-Ruhr 1 delivers data-centre services based on more than 300 globally unified standards that NTT Com’s Nexcenter facilities have implemented for equipment and operations, said the company.

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