China Unicom partners up for IoT offering

China Unicom partners up for IoT offering

China Unicom has announced it is partnering with Ayla Networks to offer enterprise and consumer IoT solutions.

Announced during the Guangzhou IoT Industry Conference, both China Unicom and Ayla Networks; a global IoT platform for manufacturers, confirmed that the two have signed a strategic co-operation agreement, and will use their respective technologies and resources to deliver these new IoT solutions. 

The two have already formed plans to include areas such as smart homes, smart hotels, transportation, AI and intelligent temperature-controlled supply chain technologies.

Phillip Chang, co-founder, VP and CEO of Ayla Networks, said: "We are very excited about working with China Unicom to build a new IoT solution that will improve our growing IoT platform ecosystem. With the comprehensive high-quality information and communications services, we are especially excited about the development of mobile IoT solutions."

In June of this year, China Unicom announced its Global IoT Connectivity Cooperation Initiative, which, according to Zhengxin Jiang, deputy general manager of China Unicom, is to “to build IoT global connectivity” through co-operation with its various global partners, in the areas of IoT innovation.

Following on from this China Unicom recently announced a similar partnership with Dutch operator KPN, to collaborate on IoT networks. The deal will see KPN customers have access to IoT connectivity in the Chinese market and similarly Unicom customers will have access to the European market. Customers are expected to be able to use this service by the end of the year. 

At the start of the year, Unicom partnered with Deutsche Telekom on improving its machine to machine (M2M) technologies and expand on new innovations such as narrowband IoT and IoT platforms. Under the agreement DT customers with M2M connectivity can manage their devices in China via the same portal that they use for Europe, while China Unicom customers can do the same when accessing M2M in Europe. 

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