Mixed rulings for TDC on wholesale access regulations

Mixed rulings for TDC on wholesale access regulations

TDC has faced mixed news after a decision by the Danish Business Authority ruled it will continue to face wholesale access regulation on copper and fibre, but has been freed of regulation on some cable and fibre assets.

The DBA published two separate rulings on the framework for competition in the Danish broadband market, following an assessment carried out by the Erhvervsstyrelsen, part of Denmark’s Ministry of Business Affairs.

The regulator found there is still a need for regulated access to TDC’s copper and fibre networks in the order to maintain a competitive retail market, introducing a number of additional obligations on the telco. The included making sure TDC ensures “reasonable terms and conditions for access” and continues to offer copper and fibre-based wholesale products at cost-based prices.

It wasn’t all bad news for TDC, however, as DBA ruled that it will remove fibre access regulation in areas where other operators have established fibre infrastructure to compete with TDC. The have “have had a positive impact on competition”, meaning the regulator could lift TDC’s liabilities.

TDC has also seen cable TV access deregulated as part of a Danish Commerce and Industry Agency ruling, after the firm carried out a significant restructure of its cable TV network. This saw it split broadband packages from cable TV.

TDC has agreed to offer a commercial wholesale package in the cable TV access market, replacing the existing regulated access, meaning rivals can compete with the incumbent.

The new rules will enter force on 17 November, 2017.

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