‘Fibre sabotage’ hits 7m customers in Venezuela

‘Fibre sabotage’ hits 7m customers in Venezuela

Venezuelan operators Cantv and Movilnet have been hit by apparent sabotage of their fibre networks, cutting off an estimated seven million customers.

At the same time, many public-sector websites and other users of the .ve domain have been hit by cyber attacks, report Venezuelan media.

Manuel Fernández, president of Cantv, told local media that four fibre cuts took place on Monday morning, hitting internet and phone services in four states.

These followed cuts last week, bringing the total to nine, said Cantv and Movilnet in a statement to media. The companies said that the states of Lara, Trujillo, Carabobo, Falcon, Mérida, Zulia and Táchira were affected by the attacks.

Both Cantv and Movilnet are state-owned, and the companies said the incidents were “terrorist actions” aimed at cutting off the country’s communications following July’s elections, the conduct and results of which have been criticised in the international community.

Movilnet lost communication with seven million out of its 10 million customers for 72 hours, said the company.

“This attack is under investigation of the security forces of the Venezuelan state, for the purpose of specifying the origin and those responsible,” said the companies.

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