Israel's Partner Comm expands fibre network project

Israel's Partner Comm expands fibre network project

Israeli communications operator Partner Communications has commenced the commercial phase and deployment of an independent fixed-line fibre-optic network, amid plans to become a “comprehensive telecommunications group”.


The operator submitted a letter to the director-general of the Ministry of Communications regarding the examination done by the company of several options for deploying a nationwide independent fixed-line infrastructure using fibre-optics. Over the last few weeks, the company has been conducting a pilot stage with economic and feasibility studies of the project.

“Following the company's report dated June 21, 2016, with respect to the deployment of an independent fixed-line infrastructure using fibre-optics, Partner announces that over the last few months it has significantly increased the deployment rollout of the fibre-optics in various cities throughout the country and has reached tens of thousands of households, as an expansion of the existing deployment that includes thousands of km of fibre-optics, with a presence in business centres and many cities throughout the country,” said a company statement.

Among the alternatives being considered to deploy the infrastructure, the company is focussing on taking advantage of the passive wholesale market that allows the installation of independent fixed-line infrastructure, including using Bezeq's cable ducts. Bezeq is also in the process of developing a nationwide fibre network in Israel.

In addition, as part of the company's deployment plan, Partner intends to double its household reach by the end of the year. The fibre-optic network enables the Partner Comm to offer higher internet speeds in Israel and to offer the transmission of advanced services, such as high quality TV services.

The project’s success will require the support and assistance from the Ministry of Communications and other relevant regulatory entities.

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