3 Hong Kong begin 4G rollout at metro stations

3 Hong Kong begin 4G rollout at metro stations

Hutchison has completed the first stage of a network enhancement project to bring 4G capacity to 18 high-traffic metro stations in Hong Kong.

Daniel Chung, chief technology officer (mobile) of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings, said: “Using mobile service at MTR stations has become an integral part of our daily lives. 3 Hong Kong is therefore working on 4G enhancement at 18 high-traffic MTR stations to boost capacity manyfold and strengthen the network. 

"The project is gradually being extended to other stations. We are constantly monitoring 3 Hong Kong’s network performance to ensure that customers enjoy an advanced mobile network featuring comprehensive coverage, high capacity, high speed and high reliability, outside and inside of MTR stations.”

The deployment of this technology by 3 Hong Kong has already been finished on eight concourses. The entire two-phase project, being carried out on tunnels and platforms, is set to finish by July 2019, bringing with it increased 4G capacity and smooth mobile connectivity for users. 

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong, which owns 3 Hong Kong, sold fixed-line and global carrier Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) to I Squared Capital, a global infrastructure investment manager, for $1.9bn in July 2017. 

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