AMS-IX Hong Kong launches 100Gbps capacity ports

AMS-IX Hong Kong launches 100Gbps capacity ports

AMS-IX Hong Kong has announced that users will now be able to connect with the Internet Exchange (IX) via dedicated ports with a capacity of 100Gbps.

AMS-IX Hong Kong, which was the first IX platform in Asia between an Asia-based carrier and a Europe-based exchange was launched by Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) and AMS-IX in 2012, has upgraded the platform to cope with an increasing demand for bandwidth and a growing number of customers.

It also runs a successful mobile peering platform offering inter-IPX services to IPX providers. The availability of dedicated ports with a capacity of 100Gbps helps peering members including mega over-the-top (OTT) players, internet content providers, internet service providers, content delivery network service providers, global public cloud providers, global IP service providers and digital media providers meet ever-growing demand for internet traffic.

“Connected parties can access AMS-IX Amsterdam directly through AMS-IX Hong Kong, where combined both internet exchanges boosts 850+ connected parties. As a result of the growing number of connected parties, AMS-IX Hong Kong reached a new traffic peak of 33Gbps with a connected capacity of 284Gbps in July 2017,” said Jesse Robbers, chief commercial officer of AMS-IX.

“Adding up the presence of some important players like content delivery networks, content providers and digital media distributors which explains the increase of capacity. We believe these are great achievements. We also find it important to invest and expand the platform in order to keep up our position as a top internet exchange.” 

HGC provides peering members with rich Asian contents and routes to reach potential mobile networks in multiple countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, India, Korea, Australia and Hong Kong via the world-class internet peering platform AMS-IX Hong Kong.

Andrew Kwok, president of international and carrier business of HGC, added: “HGC’s Hutch-IPX enables mobile network operators to reach their roaming partners including CK Hutchison’s mobile affiliates via our extensive coverage. This has made AMS-IX Hong Kong an attractive internet peering platform for IPX partners, mobile network operators and OTT players looking to interconnect in Hong Kong and Amsterdam.”

AMS-IX Hong Kong offers an inter-IPX peering platform tailored to local market conditions. The service offers a place where regional and neighbouring IPX networks can efficiently link to one another and cover more territory via AMS-IX Hong Kong. HGC, Belgacom ICS (BICS) and Deutsche Telekom were among the first batch of global IPX providers to connect to the inter-IPX platform. 

The collaboration allows users in Asia to access extensive Internet networks via a single platform, while users of AMS-IX in Europe can extend their capacity in the Asia-Pacific region.

The news comes after AMS-IX announced its CEO Job Witteman is set to leave more than 17 years after he founded the Amsterdam internet exchange.

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