Console Connect launches CloudNexus rollout in AWS regions

Console Connect launches CloudNexus rollout in AWS regions

Console Connect has today announced the general availability of CloudNexus, it claims is the world’s first automated cloud-to-cloud direct connection solution for the enterprise.

Beginning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions, CloudNexus is designed to provide the simple, low cost, private and secure data transport between cloud environments. The CloudNexus service can now optimise the data path between AWS regions to enhance redundancy capabilities and remove prior configuration complexity.

“We designed CloudNexus to enable true multi-cloud strategies and alleviate performance issues for the enterprise by supporting the deployment of as many cloud environments as an enterprise needs for their unique strategy, including disparate AWS regions,” said Teri Francis, chief product officer at Console Connect.

“Beginning with AWS, CloudNexus removes the prior complexity associated with connecting cloud environments across regions, and enhances the redundancy capabilities for deployments. These benefits combine with protection against DDoS attacks, performance degradation and man-in-the middle attacks that previously plagued the enterprise.”

The new CloudNexus offering from the provider of global interconnection solutions enhances AWS inter-regional connectivity with its ability to automate the direct connection process and link multiple cloud environments directly and privately within minutes, without “hair-pinning” back to the enterprise infrastructure.

By bypassing the public internet, CloudNexus can optimise the data path between the AWS Direct Connect endpoints, delivering region-to-region connectivity along the shortest data path to maximise performance, reduce latency and remove complexity of routing configurations for enterprise customers.

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