Openserve cuts prices on ADSL and wholesale fibre

Openserve cuts prices on ADSL and wholesale fibre

Telkom’s wholesale and networks division, Openserve, has announced price reductions on its wholesale DSL and fibre broadband services effective as of 1 August 2017.

The price reductions will extend to IP Connect, which is Openserve’s wholesale ADSL product, as well as to its portfolio of Openserve Fibre Broadband. Speed increases in addition to the price reductions have also been confirmed by the company.

“Our 2Mbps and 8Mbps offerings will be upgraded to 4Mbps and 10Mbps respectively. These migrations will occur free of charge,” said Alphonzo Samuels, chief executive officer at Openserve.

“In addition to the upgrades, the wholesale pricing across entire OFB portfolio will decrease by an average of 9% across the portfolio."

When the new prices come into effect next month, clients who purchase IPC capacity can expect to pay 25% less than they do today, a move that is in line with company reductions announced in May of this year.

“We will work closely with the re-sellers of our broadband products to ensure the benefits of these price reductions filter through to the end user with either price reductions or enhanced services,” said Samuels.

MTN recently announced that it was opening its fibre network to independent internet service providers in September of this year, increasing competition for Openserve and Vumatel. 

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