Orange Group creates new content division

Orange Group creates new content division

Orange chairman and CEO Stéphane Richard has announced the creation of a new entity: Orange Content.

Reporting directly to Richard, the new company is tasked with strengthening the presence and investment of Orange in the field of content. It will drive the Group’s content strategy and act as a support in the area of content, for all the countries where the Group is present.  

It will also bring together much of the current content division through its subsidiaries: Orange Studio, Orange Cinema Series (OCS) and Orange Presentations TV (OPTV). International guidelines relating to content policy will also fall under its remit and will support the countries in any negotiations that are taking place. 

The new division will operate under a two person senior management team consisting of, David Kessler as director and Serge Laroye acting as deputy director.

Five key functions will come into place as of September 1 2017, these are:

Strategic intelligence, which involves analysing market trends and identifying opportunities for the Group and its countries.

Acquisition of rights, to be achieved through negotiation of distribution agreements and agreements on premium rights or with Studios.

The management and development of a production/publishing unit, which is the bringing together of Orange Studio, the OCS and any other entity responsible for editing and production.

The creation, evaluation and implementation of proposals on new formats, new usages and innovative solutions, with both internal stakeholders and external partners.

Monitoring the development of the countries’ content turnover, to be actioned through strategic planning, collaboration with the countries and the implementation of joint action plans, as well as the development of their profitability.

The overall strategy for the new entity is to build on what has been developed over the last few years, which is giving priority to the widest possible distribution of the best content offers on the market and investing in cinema and series through OCS and Orange Studio.

Commenting on the new division Richard said: "Orange Content aims to guarantee the richness of our offer in France and abroad and to give more visibility and consistency to our offers in the field of content.”

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