Google looks to invest €1 billion in Luxembourg data centre

Google looks to invest €1 billion in Luxembourg data centre

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Google are to planning invest €1 billion into a 25-hectare data centre, as confirmed by finance minister Etienne Schneider.

During an interview on state funded radio station 100.7 Schneider confirmed that specific details surrounding the data centre build will be released by the end of July.

The news follows an announcement made by Schneider last year via Twitter, in which he hinted at the project happening during an event in San Francisco and discussed these plans with Larry Page.

In his tweet Schneider said: ‘In San Francisco, I discussed the implementation of a major investment project in Luxembourg with the co-founder of Google Larry Page.’

Google already operates five data centres around Europe including two Ireland and one in Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Despite Luxembourg’s size it is one of the richest countries globally and is actively campaigning to become an international IT hub. 

As well as the 2014 government backed initiative ‘Digital Leutzebuerg’ which aims to boost the countries ICT infrastructure and improve data regulation. It encourages investment in digital pubic services and digital skills, offering subsidies and passing legislation favouring the sector.

Boasting financial stability, fast broadband, and a media and IT industry with a modern legal and financial framework, makes Luxembourg a prime choice for digital investment.

Following this news, Google has now given Luxembourg an ultimatum and set a deadline for Friday 14 July, after one farmer in the proposed area for construction has refused to sell his land. Though the Bissen site was selected as the ideal location for the data centre, due to its close proximity to an electricity distribution centre operated by Creos, Schneider has said that they have found alternative locations should the Bissen site fall through.

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