EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier partner to improve end user experience

EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier partner to improve end user experience

EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier have announced a strategic partnership to bring increased access to the carrier’s network, across EdgeConnex’s 30 Edge Data Centres in 27 global markets.

The partnership is in an attempt to reduce latency, improve traffic flow and overall efficiency for end-users reliant on the Internet. All of which, is in direct response to the increasing demand for OTT service delivery and global sprint to the edge by enterprise users. 

“Telia Carrier is an ideal partner for EdgeConneX,”said Clint Heiden, CCO of EdgeConneX.  “Their global IP backbone is highly regarded throughout the industry and is much sought-after by global MSOs, content providers, gaming companies and hyperscalers expanding throughout the world, and the IP connectivity that they bring is critical to our ecosystem.  

"Furthermore, Telia Carrier, like EdgeConneX, believes in the momentum of the Edge creating a better user experience for those reliant on the cloud, gaming and delivery of big data. Our partnership further enables enterprises the ability to take advantage of new technologies and customer demands that require our global reach and local performance improvements.”

By combining Telia Carrier’s global Internet backbone with EdgeConneX facilities located nearest to network provider aggregation points they create the infrastructure needed to manage the demands of the marketplace.

As a result there is higher levels of security and improved performance to end-users, while enabling the lowest possible latency for cloud, IoT and content, and a single hop access to local enterprise and consumer end-users.

“Telia Carrier values the reputation, expertise and approach taken by EdgeConneX to data center infrastructure and management,” says Staffan Göjeryd, CEO of Telia Carrier. “In particular, for many of our customers, especially cloud, application and gaming providers, the proximity of our network backbone to end-users is business critical.  With EdgeConneX’s global reach and market leadership we can offer resilient, high-quality connectivity beyond our existing footprint.”

The first wave of deployments will be in Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Phoenix in the US and Amsterdam in Europe, this is in addition to the existing deployments in Detroit, Santa Clara and Portland.

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