Equinix launches private access for Oracle Cloud in Australia

Equinix launches private access for Oracle Cloud in Australia

Equinix has launched a dedicated, private access to Oracle Cloud through its international business exchange (IBX) located in Sydney, Australia.


The global interconnection company will offer the private access through the Oracle Cloud Network Service – FastConnect, and the Equinix Cloud Exchange, allowing its partners to use Oracle’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings by migrating compute, applications, and data to Oracle Cloud.

According to a report from analysts IDC, 67% of all Australian organisations are embracing cloud, using public or private services for more than one or two applications or workloads. The partnership between Equinix and Oracle will allow these businesses to establish direct connectivity between their private IT infrastructure and Oracle Cloud.

This latest agreement builds on previous announcements between Equinix and Oracle to offer direct connection to several Oracle PaaS and IaaS services, including database, Java, integration, analytics, compute and storage – in multiple regions around the globe, bringing the total number of countries to five.

Jeremy Deutsch, managing director of Equinix Australia, said: "With interconnection emerging as a catalyst of revenue growth for many Australian businesses, being able to securely and directly connect to cloud and network services is critical.  Our goal at Equinix has always been to help our enterprise customers realize the full benefits of the cloud – without worrying about application latency or cost issues. 

“We are thrilled to be bringing Oracle direct access to our customers in Australia. This private, direct access reduces network costs, increases throughput, and provides a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections."

Rob Willis, MD of Oracle Australia, added: "This collaboration further expands our existing cloud offering, which already includes local delivery of applications, platform and infrastructure services from within Australia, as well as via the Public Cloud and through our unique Cloud at Customer offer – which is like putting the public cloud in your own data centre. 

“The availability of the new Sydney Region is already accelerating the faster adoption of services locally, as well as throughout the rest of APAC, given its proximity to Sydney as a hub. It helps us continue our commitment to giving customers unprecedented choice and flexibility in how they work and making the adoption of cloud as easy as possible."

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