Cataleya’s Orchid One deployed by GlobalRoam

Cataleya’s Orchid One deployed by GlobalRoam

GlobalRoam selects Cataleya’s Orchid One - Session Border Controller (SBC) to grow its voice revenue and protect against voice fraud with end-to-end intelligent network analytics.

“We were impressed by Orchid One’s track record of successful implementations with Tier 1 Ccrriers worldwide and it was by far the best SBC when we did our competitive analysis,” said Thomas Laboulle, CEO at GlobalRoam Group. “The real-time detection of fraud and other anomalies for both signaling (SIP) and Voice payload (RTP) is truly impressive, especially because of the machine learning capabilities that go way beyond the CDR data analysis of most of its competitors.”

GlobalRoam’s core business is the development of authentication and communication microservices including OTT mobile apps, APIs and wholesale Voice termination. Benefiting from network visibility through real-time fraud detection and machine learning capabilities on its mobile applications Pfingo and Toku, Orchid One offers enhanced voice security of the mobile apps and reliably routes calls to GlobalRoam’s SIP Trunk provider.

“Cataleya’s Orchid One is facilitating the management of the multiple routes used in our B2B and B2C activities. From the error free upload of the rates to the configuration of essential route treatment and policies like the low cost routing and the track service assurance, the solution has been critical in improving the maturity level of our business” said Laboulle. “The long-term vision of Cataleya’s management combined with an ambitious product roadmap development is not only reassuring, it also provides future business growth opportunities.”


Cataleya’s next-generation SBC is built to address the need for end-to-end visibility and quality of experience in IP networks. Orchid One’s real-time quality of service analysis & reporting engine detects and predicts voice call performance.

“As next-gen players like GlobalRoam develop and differentiate their offerings, quality of service and experience will be essential. Orchid One enables them to deliver the highest possible performance while protecting their voice services from fraud. Orchid One was specifically developed for this and we are excited to be working with GlobalRoam as it delivers reliable and secure OTT, API and wholesale services to its customers,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO and chairman at Cataleya.

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