DT chief calls for cyber security updates law

DT chief calls for cyber security updates law

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges has challenged regulators to introduce tougher rules around IT and telecoms security updates, according to a report in Germany.

The DT boss said laws should be introduced that force hardware and software manufacturers to update products to address potential security breaches once they are reported to state authorities.

Speaking to Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, Hoettges acknowledged that this would require a reporting obligation for gaps in security, in order to keep the manufacturers updated about potential risks.

Speaking about the “Wannacry” ransomware attack that struck a number of organisations, including Telefonica and the UK’s National Health Service, the Deutsche CEO said: “We need a reporting obligation for security gaps, and it must also include state security authorities.”

He went on to challenge international agencies to work together to reach an agreement to stop hitting each other with cyber attacks, in order to promote a digital economy.

"I wish that, as with a renouncement of landmines, one would agree on a renouncement of mutual cyber-attacks and cyber-pioneering," said Höettges. "Many countries see such attacks as a cavalierdelict."

Deutsche Telekom was last year hit with a cyber attack impacting up to 900,000 customers. Hackers exploited software in its routers using the Mirai worm that had previously been used to cause the Dyn DDoS outage.

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