Italy’s OpEn Fiber to connect Ravenna homes with 1Gbps

Italy’s OpEn Fiber to connect Ravenna homes with 1Gbps

Italian electricity company Enel’s OpEn Fiber project is to spend €20 million giving 58,000 homes in the city of Ravenna speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The project will be a joint venture between OpEn Fiber and the city of Ravenna, in north-eastern Italy.

Ravenna, in the province of Emilio-Romagna, will be one of the first cities to get OpEn Fiber’s fibre to the home (FTTH) service.

The company plans to complete the 300km construction within 18 months, serving schools, offices and public administration as well as houses and apartments.

“This is a major investment in terms of money and impact with regard to services to citizens and businesses,” said Massimo Cameliani of Ravenna Digital. Companies “will be able to develop ever more innovative services and advance their economic and business activities.”

Marco Martucci, OpEn Fiber’s manager for network and operations in north Italy, said: “We will undertake a comprehensive, reliable FTTH network with high performance, able to provide access to the latest facilities for freelancers, companies, the public administration and citizens.”

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