ICSS enlarges security portfolio with SS7 Firewall

ICSS enlarges security portfolio with SS7 Firewall

International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), the international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom, has launched SS7 Firewall as part of its 360° defence strategy.

SS7 security breaches have been on the rise as criminals access the network, tamper with communication keys and listen to calls, locate and track users or steal valuable information. The SS7 Firewall protects the network, so operators eliminate the potential of such crimes.

“Our aim is to protect the end-users from criminal attacks,” says Christian Wollner, head of product management at Deutsche Telekom ICSS Mobile World.

The ICSS SS7 Firewall blocks any attempt by third parties to intercept communication to customers’ devices and listen to or read their conversations. Deutsche Telekom secures all content entering the signalling network. When information arrives it is divided into categories of not critical, suspicious, critical, error or manipulated content.

The SS7 Firewall is centrally managed by ICSS to continuously eliminate new attack scenarios with user friendly, easy to understand monitoring, reporting and alarming functionalities.

Wollner said: “We secure operators’ networks worldwide with our integrated solution. In order to develop a lasting solution for the entire industry, it will be necessary for other network operators, infrastructure and terminal equipment manufacturers, industry associations and standardization bodies to work closely together.”

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