Nokia boosts Cosmote’s network capacity

Nokia boosts Cosmote’s network capacity

Nokia has upgraded the long-haul microwave trunk network of Cosmote, the mobile arm of Greece’s OTE Group, to enhance its network coverage and capacity.

Long-haul 9500 Microwave Packet Radio has been deployed to increase backhaul capacity and enable high-speed fixed and mobile internet access as residential and tourist demands grow, particularly in rural locations across the Greek islands.

"Providing a network across a spread of islands provides its own unique challenges. Nokia first demonstrated the capabilities of the 9500 MPR in a demanding live field trial, and we are pleased to work with Cosmote as it evolves its network in this commercial deployment,” said Konstantinos Koroneos, head of the OTE/ Cosmote account at Nokia.

The technology will backhaul data at speeds of 1Gbps via full IP connectivity serving mobile and fixed networks.

“By upgrading the existing SDH-microwave trunk-based network, Cosmote was also able to reuse existing passive radio equipment, taking advantage of significant total cost of ownership savings compared to a new deployment,” a company statement added.

“Nokia's long-haul microwave technology will backhaul traffic generated across several Aegean Islands, offering fibre-like connectivity and backhaul redundancy to ensure reliability of network services. A key component of this deployment is its use of microwave technology to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity to the island of Kastellorizo, the most eastern of the Greek islands, which is more than 150km away from the nearest network point of presence.”

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