Ericsson and Cisco cement Brazilian partnership with Nextel deal

Ericsson and Cisco cement Brazilian partnership with Nextel deal

In the first deal since the Ericsson-Cisco Brazilian partnership was approved, the partners are installing IP routers and providing services for Nextel.

The components in the Brazilian Cisco-Ericcson deal include a combination of hardware from Cisco, (ASR 9010 routers) and services and project management from Ericsson.

Nextel's IP network in Brazil will be strengthened to support traffic growth and improve performance on the mobile network.

A spokesperson for Nextel said: "Ericsson and Cisco are already long-term suppliers to Nextel, and their alliance makes them good partners to strengthen our IP network. We needed a powerful and intelligent solution to improve our IP network in Brazil, and that's what we have secured with this deal."

Clayton Cruz, Vice President, Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean, said: "Our teams complemented each other with the right approach, from network analysis and planning to systems integration and customer support from Ericsson, to selecting the right routers from Cisco, and finally implementation with Ericsson services. The partnership has delivered real value to Nextel in terms of delivering end-to-end IP solution to meet the operator's needs."

The deal includes Cisco routers, supply and installation, overall project management, and customer support.

Ericsson and Cisco formed a global business and technology partnership in November 2015, specifically to compete with Nokia. The partnership offers a mix of technology and services from both companies: routing, data centre, networking, cloud, mobility, management and control, and global services capabilities.

Both companies hope that the partnership will accelerate innovation and help them achieve the speed of digital transformation which is now being demanded by their customers across all industries.

The Cisco-Ericsson partnership was cleared by Brazilian regulatory authorities and implemented under local agreements on August 18, 2016.

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