BT Wholesale enhances security with cloud-based CFMS

BT Wholesale enhances security with cloud-based CFMS

BT Wholesale has gone live with Tollring’s new real-time credit and fraud management system (CFMS) on its wholesale hosted centrex (WHC) platform.

The CFMS, which monitors call trends, implements rules and triggers alerts, has been delivered in BT Wholesale’s data centre to provide comprehensive real-time fraud detection and protection of the hosted platform. 

Dave Axam, director of hosted communications at BT Wholesale says fraud is a key challenge in the marketplace, explaining: “We are seeing that fraudsters are becoming increasingly astute, making more frequent, smaller hits, which render the ‘capping’ approach insufficient in the battle against fraud. So BT is taking a completely different approach by looking at the analytical capabilities within the network, customer data and trends, and taking a proactive stance by anticipating what might happen.”

The combination of fraud and credit management helps to identify and mitigate any risks, terminating fraudulent calls and locking destinations to prevent further fraud from happening.

“We believe intelligent analytics is the only way to stop the next type of fraud. By embedding Tollring’s intelligence and analytics tools into the network for hosted communications, we are providing our partners and their customers with a whole new level of security,” says Axam.

Each call passes through four rigorous gates, including an extensive risk register of continents, countries and regions, a blacklisted destinations register, followed by rule profiling before adhering to spend limits. BT is kept informed in real-time via live dashboards, reports and notifications. 

Tony Martino, managing director of Tollring, added: “We have taken major steps to tackle the key issues of fraud and credit management in cloud telephony. We believe that the adoption of this new product places BT ahead of their competition, providing a competitive differentiator to partners and resellers and most importantly a more secure service to customers.”

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