ICTA in talks to create Cayman IXPs

Cayman Islands’ telecoms regulator ICTA is in talks with internet service providers (ISPs) to create local internet exchange points (IXPs) to route traffic.

The Information & Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) issued the statement after the islands were once again impacted by an internet outage last week. Customers of an ISP were all hit due to a wholesale internet provider in Boca Raton, Florida, experiencing equipment failure.

“The Authority has been regularly meeting with its licensees to discuss establishing a local Internet Exchange Point (IXP) which will largely reduce the effects of outages affecting ISPs and their respective customers’ connectivity quality, as well as add further layers of security for local communications,” said Sonji Myles, acting deputy director of industry affairs at ICTA.

“The number of customers currently affected by this outage could have been reduced to zero if a full functioning IXP was already in place,” Myles commented about the most recent outage. He added that meetings with licensees have been very productive and is looking forward to establishing local IXP infrastructure soon.