BridgeVoice enhances automated carrier platform offering

BridgeVoice enhances automated carrier platform offering

Bankai Group’s BridgeVoice has launched an exclusive operator-based feature connecting carriers with an array of network operators via its automated carrier platform.

The wholesale VoIP specialist announced the launch of the automated carrier platform during International Telecoms Week in May 2016, which allows carriers to access a worldwide network of suppliers, with preferred choice routing, to meet capacity demands.

“We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our Operator Based Product, the newest feature to BridgeVoice’s successful Automated Carrier Platform,” explains Bankim Brahmbhatt, president and CEO of BridgeVoice. “Its addition to our available solutions will further benefit both providers and carriers with a new way to engage network operators.”

The new capability allows carriers to access A-Z rates and an inventory of operators within BridgeVoice’s extensive network. The new package allows operators to commit advanced routes to carriers and service providers.

Alongside direct connection to operator networks, “users of this service will benefit from assured quality route termination, real-time billing and 100% calling line identification (CLI) support,” the company added in a statement. Direct routes to operator networks and traffic transparency via advanced reporting are additional features of the package.

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