Huawei and Orange top 1.5Gpbs speeds on 4G network

Huawei and Orange top 1.5Gpbs speeds on 4G network

Huawei Spain and Orange have topped download speeds of 1.5Gbps carrier out on a 4G network during tests in Valencia.

Orange used Huawei’s LTE-based 3GPP Advanced Pro solution, integrated with its own 4.5G network, to hit maximum speeds of 1.54Gbps.

Technology used on the solution included carrier aggregation up to five frequencies (800, 1800, 2600, and 3500MHz) and simultaneous use of frequency division duplex and duplexing time division technology.

To achieve the speeds, it also used Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) 4x4 transmission, and 256QAM modulation. The latter allows the sending of more bits in the same radio spectrum.

Some of these technologies have been used in pre-standard tests for fifth generation (5G) connectivity, expected to commercially launch in 2020. Huawei, along with rivals including Nokia and Ericsson, are all working with carriers to develop the new technology.

Though 4.5G is supported by numerous devices, the speeds achieved in Orange and Huawei’s tests are not available on any device currently on the market. However, some devices supporting these speeds are expected to launch commercially by 2018.

China Mobile Hong Kong recently awarded Huawei a contractto deploy an LTE-Advanced Pro 4.5G network. It has also began trialing 4.5G technology with TDD+ technology with Vodafone UK

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