TIM deploys 4.5G tech and hits 500Mbps speeds

TIM deploys 4.5G tech and hits 500Mbps speeds

TIM has deployed what it claims to be the first 500Mbps mobile data connection on its LTE network in Italy, after collaborating with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies.

The operator conducted innovation lab tests in Turin and then in the field, on the radio base stations of the city, reached download speeds of more than 500Mbps on a single data connection on the LTE live network. 

These new performances were achieved by broadening the spectrum of all the frequencies available for a single data connection - combining LTE frequency bands through carrier aggregation - and increasing spectral efficiency (meaning transmission speed, at the same available band), through evolutions in the antenna transmission systems and coding and modulation techniques.  

“We are proud to have reached this major milestone that confirms our commitment to offering the most advanced technology that, with our substantial investments in increasingly fast and reliable infrastructure, allows us to guarantee better quality mobile digital services to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers,” stated Giovanni Ferigo, head of technology at TIM.

“Our research and development capacities have allowed us to confirm our leadership in the innovation of mobile ultra-broadband networks. The milestone of 4.5G, which anticipates and paves the way for 5G, allows us to offer the best performances and to increase network capacity to meet the growing demand for mobile ultra-broadband linked to the explosion in video content, including HD and 4K, and of social networking and in general the new digital services that transform our lives on a daily basis”.

TIM, which was the first to launch 4G Plus (Advanced LTE) reaching 300Mbps speeds in eight Italian cities, claims now to be the first operator in Italy and one of the first in the world to introduce 4.5G technology in the world, adding the successful field tests are just “a taste of the future new generation 5G networks”.

Over the next few months, TIM will “continue to extend such evolutions in the LTE network of the major Italian cities, to offer 4.5G service to its customers when the first compatible commercial devices arrive, which is expected to be by the end of the year,” the operator added.

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