Colt begins construction of Tokyo data centre

Colt begins construction of Tokyo data centre

Colt has begun construction of its second data centre in Tokyo, which is scheduled to open before the end of 2017.

The site, located in Inzai, just east of the Japanese city, is being built on the grounds of Tokyo Data Centre 2 (TDC2), and will offer 15MW of critical IT load across 5,000 square metres of server room space.

The global colocation market is predicted to grow by up to 15% over the next four years with global data centre traffic also expected to grow threefold to 10.4 zettabytes in 2019.

Colt has identified the Asian market as particularly important, with analysts predicting growth will exceed 15%. Colt operates 29 locations in 15 countries worldwide.

“The Asian colocation market is particularly strong with analysts predicting growth in excess of 15%, and as such, our new data centre in Japan is already fielding high demand in advance of its opening in 2017,” said Quy Nguyen, Vice President and Head of Data Centre Services Asia. He continued,

“The new construction at TDC2 represents a crucial part of Colt’s Asia strategy. With investment in the construction of new data centres in the Kanto region tapering off, Colt Data Centre Services is actively investing to meet the growing demand from various service providers. The TDC2 site is geared for future expansion as a multi-data centre complex and we will continue adding facilities in phases as we incorporate the latest technologies and equipment.”

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