SK Broadband, Nokia claim 52.5Gbps fibre speeds

SK Broadband, Nokia claim 52.5Gbps fibre speeds

SK Broadband and Nokia have claimed single fibre access speeds of 52.5Gbps to a set of apartment buildings in Seoul, South Korea.

Since it first commercialised 2.5Gbps gigabit passive optical network technology (GPON) technology in 2006, SK Broadband has invested heavily in taking its fibre network to the next level. By deploying Nokia’s PON approach, which combines different technologies on a single fibre, SK Broadband can reuse the existing fibre network and access platform to boost speeds to up to 52.5Gbps.

"As a new era looms that demands gigabit internet, ultra-high definition video and virtual and augmented reality services, SK Broadband will establish a network infrastructure that provides the best customer value,” said Yoo Ji-chang, head of SK Broadband's network division.  

“Following the world's first commercialisation of an ADSL service and the two-pair LAN cable 500M service, we will establish a top-class optical internet platform to create the best gigabit broadband service environment for our customers."

To reach 52.Gbps, SK Broadband is using multi-dwelling units (MDUs) from HFR and Nokia's universal next generation PON solution, making it possible to aggregate the following different technologies on the existing fibre: TWDM-PON with 40Gbps symmetrical, XGS-PON with 10Gbps symmetrical, and GPON with 2.5Gbps.

Federico Guillen, president of Nokia's fixed networks group, added: “All eyes in the world are focused on South Korea as it moves ahead with rolling out ever-faster broadband networks. Nokia's innovation edge and our portfolio of next generation fibre technologies help customers like SK Broadband realize the true Gigabit societies of the future.”

SK Broadband has set its sights to offer speeds of 10Gbps to all its customers in the country. 

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