Tunisie Telecom completes G.fast trials with Adtran

Tunisie Telecom completes G.fast trials with Adtran

Tunisie Telecom has announced its first successful completion of trials using G.fast technology over its broadband network with Adtran.

The tests saw the Tunisian incumbent operator realise speeds of over 800Mbps using copper lines over a distance of around 100 metres.

It used Adtran’s 500G Series G.fast distribution point units, with test carried out during the summer so as to test the effectiveness in extreme temperature conditions. Temperatures in a Tunisian summer regularly hit 40°C, and can reach as high as 50 inside cabinets and distribution points.

"The tests demonstrate how G.fast technology can be used to enhance our existing infrastructure, and satisfying increased demand for bandwidth with better agility and a shorter deployment time," said Nizar Bouguila, CEO of Tunisie Telecom.

"These tests marked the first in which we have adopted a 'DevOps' approach for the deployment of new services. Our network experts worked in cooperation with the team from Adtran.”

It comes just weeks after Tunisie Telecom syndicated a €196 million loan to facilitate its acquisition of a majority stake in Maltese telecoms provider GO.

Tunisie announced plans to buy GO outright in May for around €290 million, but only 65.4% of GO shareholders accepted the voluntary bid.

This has led to Tunisie enlisting Bank ABC and Credit Suisse for the loan, according reports from Global Capital.

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