Vodafone Portugal and Nos challenge Anacom over network access

Vodafone Portugal and Nos have challenged the National Communications Authority (Anacom) to intervene in the business telecom market by setting wholesale prices for network access.

The operators claim that the incumbent Portugal Telecom, owned by Altice, has an “unfair advantage” in between 200 and 300 areas where no regulated prices are enforced by Anacom, meaning operators have to negotiate access prices.

Vodafone director for legal and regulatory affairs Madalena Sutcliffe claims this leaves them at an unfair advantage to the Portuguese incumbent.

She said: “Competitors will always be at a disadvantage because they have no national network.” Sutcliffe claims that the position has the support of both Berec and the European Commission, while Nos said it shares Vodafone’s concerns.

Sonia Machado, Director for Regulatory and Legal Affairs of PT/Meo, claims that PT has not been fixing prices in any region of the country.