DE-CIX hits 5.5Tbps data record in Frankfurt

DE-CIX hits 5.5Tbps data record in Frankfurt

DE-CIX has reached a new data record with more than 5.5Tbps of traffic reached this week in Frankfurt, Germany.

The news is a proof point of DE-CIX's peering and interconnection services prowess.

"With the publication of Apple's iOS 10 update, we recorded a new peak in traffic on DE-CIX’s Frankfurt Exchange this week,” says Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX.

“In general, our traffic moves along in waves and reflects our usual daily internet use rhythm, starting at 6:00 am and peaking at 9:00 pm. One should also take into account seasonal changes. For instance, during the summer months, people aren’t online as often as they are in winter. Overall the data traffic at DE-CIX in Frankfurt is certainly going to increase even more going forward."

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