Seacom launches peering link in Sweden

Pan-African submarine cable operator Seacom has established a peering link at the Netnod internet exchange point in Stockholm, Sweden.

The peering link - said to be the first by an African carrier at the internet exchange point - is aimed at providing African internet users on Seacom’s international backbone with faster speeds and performance. 

“The majority of internet traffic into and out of Africa goes to Europe, which is why we’re investing in connectivity on the continent,” said Mark Tinka, head of engineering at Seacom. 

“We are the only African carrier with a direct physical presence in Stockholm, which means that we can help our service provider and network operator clients deliver a superior level of service to clients connecting to internet services in Scandinavia,” he added. 

Netnod operates five internet exchange points in Sweden and one in Denmark. The IPv6-enabled exchange is said to have among the highest amount of traffic per peer in Europe.