Viva and BT launch GIPX in Bahrain

Viva Bahrain and British incumbent BT have teamed up for the launch of what is claimed to be the region’s first global IP exchange (GIPX) interoperability hub.

The launch of the hub will see Viva Bahrain provide hosting and connectivity services, and will enable BT to extend its footprint in the Middle East.

The GIPX hub is particularly designed for both mobile and fixed-line service providers in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that need to terminate international voice traffic to other countries.

“End-users in the Middle East and beyond will benefit from more choice, better service and higher quality communications,” said Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO of Viva Bahrain.

“For consumers, applications such as HD voice, video calling, and Wifi roaming and 4G roaming will become easier to access and less expensive than they are today.”

Viva and BT announced their partnership for the hub one year ago, and have worked together on other initiatives for more than five years.

“The hub enables access to BT’s global platform with Viva’s regional expertise,” said Wael El-Kabbany, managing director of the Middle East and North Africa at BT Global Services.  

“It will help further develop a new ICT ecosystem and encourage global players to drive new ICT services, in addition to offering the latest technology services to the home market.”

EL-Kabbany added that the hub was also a key building block in the execution of BT’s strategy to roll out a fully federated global IP exchange infrastructure around the world.

In January 2012, Viva Bahrain claimed the country’s first LTE launch.