Nokia Networks launches data centre service for telcos

Nokia Networks launches data centre service for telcos

Nokia Networks has launched a set of data centre solutions which it claims is the first to merge the telco and IT space.

According to Nokia, AirFrame data centre solution is the first offering to combine that benefits of cloud computing technologies with the stringent requirements of the core and radio in the telco space.

When implementing a telco cloud architecture, operators are often faced with strict latency requirements and high demand for processing power. The service which is 5G ready is said to address those requirements.

The announcement of AirFrame marks a move into data centre hardware technology for Nokia. It has also opened a dedicated R&D facility for data centre technology development.

"Nokia Networks is changing the game in telco cloud. We are taking on the IT-telco convergence with a new solution to challenge the traditional IT approach of the data centre,” said Marc Rouanne, executive VP of mobile broadband at Nokia Networks.

“This newest solution brings telcos carrier-grade high availability, security-focused reliability as well as low latency, while leveraging the company's deep networks expertise and strong business with operators to address an increasingly cloud-focused market valued in the tens of billions of euros."

In April 2015, Nokia agreed to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for £15.6 billion, creating one of Europe’s largest equipment makers.