Q&A: Jack Lodge, president, Global Capacity

Q&A: Jack Lodge, president, Global Capacity

Jack Lodge, president, Global Capacity, speaks to Capacity about its acquisition of MegaPath's network services and its strategic priorities for the year

Q: What do you hope to achieve by attending this year’s ITW? 

ITW is a great conference for Global Capacity because it offers the Company a forum to connect with valued customers, partners and suppliers as well as initiate and develop new business relationships - all under one roof.  

Thanks to its ability to bring together key leaders from the global wholesale community, ITW provides Global Capacity with the opportunity to educate the market about how our Company delivers the brand promise of Connectivity Made Simple.

Q: How has the acquisition of MegaPath’s Network Services business unit helped grow your business and operations?

Completing the acquisition of MegaPath’s Network Services business unit has expanded Global Capacity’s  customer base with over 400 wholesale customers and over 20,000 business customers that strategically accelerated our business.

The acquisition greatly increased the depth of talent that we have on our team. In January 2015, Global Capacity welcomed approximately 330 new employees with deep expertise and skills across all functions of the organization. Furthermore, the acquisition enhanced Global Capacity’s highly automated back office system, enabling the Company to grow and scale much more efficiently.

From a network perspective, the acquisition improved both the coverage and competitiveness of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform, expanding connectivity in the 50 markets around the country where the MegaPath Network Services business operated.  Following the acquisition, Global Capacity operates the largest Ethernet over Copper (EoC) network, a technology that expands the cost competitiveness of the One Marketplace platform.  

Q: How is Global Capacity trying to change how businesses and service providers buy data network connectivity?

Global Capacity fundamentally changes the way customers buy data connectivity by making the process simpler.  Today, the data connectivity market is highly  fragmented with thousands of infrastructure providers.  We believe that the world doesn’t need another infrastructure provider, it needs a better way to consume the infrastructure that is available.  Global Capacity leverages our marketplace business model to make the best infrastructure and connectivity solutions available to customers at the right competitive market price.  

The One Marketplace platform leverages an application with analytical information engine that enables customers to query and see what network connectivity is available to what location and how to effectively design and price it, coupled with an execution engine and an aggregated, interconnected network for efficient service delivery.  By giving customers a single viewpoint into all of the available options as well as the means to actually procure that connectivity, Global Capacity is simplifying the process connectivity for our customers.

Q: In particular, how has the market’s response to Global Capacity’s next-gen application launched earlier this year been?

The response to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace network connectivity application, Network Builder, has been overwhelmingly positive.  To date, customers have been extraordinarily pleased with the application’s functionality and are telling us that it dramatically simplifies their network design process.  Network Builder provides any customer that has a requirement to design and price a multi-location data connectivity solution an intelligent and efficient tool to do so.  We are already seeing Network Builder being used to great effect during customers’ RFP processes, shortening their time to design a network for a multi-location solution by several days or even weeks.  

Q: What are the Company’s strategic priorities for the remainder of 2015

Global Capacity will continue to innovate and develop One Marketplace, driving more functionality into the platform that allows customers to simplify the way they buy network connectivity. The company has a very robust development roadmap currently underway to support this major 2015 initiative.

Another key 2015 priority of Global Capacity is to continue driving organic growth, winning new business and growing our relationships with existing clients by delivering an integrated product set and continuing to make ourselves more valuable to more customers. Global Capacity adds value to our business by continuing to invest in our network. In 2015, we’ll focus on extending our reach and competitiveness to ensure Global Capacity has the product portfolio our customers require to satisfy all of their data connectivity needs.

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