HGC partners with Symphony Communications for ibizCloud

HGC partners with Symphony Communications for ibizCloud

Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) has partnered with Symphony Communication to launch its ibizCloud service in Thailand.

The move will bring HGC’s cloud service to Thailand, which is said to have experienced a 40-50% growth per year in cloud services since 2011.

“We’ve clearly seen a strong growth of cloud services in Thailand, largely due to various factors such as natural catastrophe and political unrest. Also, the development of the internet network including broadband and 3G helps boost demand. Above all, following the government’s support on Digital Economy, the service has grown by leaps and bounds,” said Khun Somchai Treerattananukool, SVP, marketing and IMC, Symphony Communication.

The partnership will leverage both companies’ domestic and international networks, allowing customers to access stored data through various channels on HGC’s cloud platform.

“There is market potential of many start-up businesses in Thailand, the storage and transmission of Big Data as well as investment cost are definitely prime concern. This is where ibizCloud service, provisioned automatically within 30 minutes, emerges as an interesting alternative. We offer not only cloud service but also bandwidth to our clients. We provide fully-integrated service,”

The service will officially launch in Thailand in June this year.

HGC presently has cloud sites in Hong Kong, mainland China, Cambodia and Los Angeles, with plans to expand the service to Europe and the Middle East.