RTX launches Fast Pay carrier exchange service

RTX launches Fast Pay carrier exchange service

RTX has launched Fast Pay, a service designed to bridge cash flow gap and speed up payments between carriers of its global carrier exchange service.

The service enables operators across the world to buy and sell voice, SMS and data services from each other, which in turn improves their cash flow and competitiveness in the market.

RTX claims it is the first carrier exchange to offer expedited payment terms, removing the traditional barriers faced by suppliers dealing with large carriers who pay on extended terms.

The company said that with faster payments, its offering will generate immediate revenue and help manage cash flow.

“RTX Fast Pay enables greater competition in the wholesale market as it increases the volume of competitive supply,” said Albert Mackey, RTX's CEO. “Through RTX both sets of carriers enter into fully secured agreements with improved control of their cash flow and growth opportunity.”

The exchange also allows operators to identify profitable routes and destinations for network traffic, added Andrew Jacobs, sales director at the company.   

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