EE launches Wifi calling

EE launches Wifi calling

UK mobile operator EE has launched what it claims is the country’s first Wifi calling service, designed to benefit the UK’s increasingly mobile workforce.

The Wifi Calling service will allegedly enable calls to be made and texts to be sent in every Wifi-connected home and small office in the country, on the back of a survey which revealed that over four million people lose mobile connectivity in at least one room in their house.

“Losing coverage at home is a major frustration, and Wifi Calling will make a real difference to millions of customers across the UK, from basement flats in London to the most rural homes in the country,” said Olaf Swantee, CEO at EE.

“Our customers want to be able to call and text no matter where they are, and they don’t want to have to think about which app they need to use or if their friends have a particular third party service.”

EE said that its Wifi Calling is not a typical OTT service over Wifi; customers are not required to download an app, and it uses the customers’ existing contact list to make calls and normal text buttons to send texts.

In August last year, EE extended its 4G network in the UK to an additional 13 locations.